Thursday, November 12, 2009

Can they pull a tooth in the emergency room?

Okay so I need to know if I go to the emergency room for a tooth that is infected and broke off. Will they call in a dentist to fix it? Or can the attending Dr. Fix it? You see my insurance will cover ER but not Dental....Stupid I know. My tooth broke and is grossly ifected and needs to be pulled. I think there is a nerve exposed which is causing SEVERE pain.

Please no lectures, Only answer if you have actually been in this situation of know actual facts about it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks.

Can they pull a tooth in the emergency room?
No, I don't think they will. Go and plead your case if you must - they can give you pain meds and antibiotics at least to calm it down. Unless it is life-threatening, and it's not, they won't. Call around and plead with dentists to take payments - pulling a tooth is only a couple hundred, so someone should agree to help you.
Reply:sure if its causing a disease or something.
Reply:Only if it is life threatenin, they will pull the tooth and u better have a swollen face bad.

I just went through this but had to go to an oral surgeon to cut mine out.

Toothache is the worst pain on the planet. Take motrin and keep a teabag on the toothache for the nerves.
Reply:ER will give you pain med and antibiotics but I think they will then suggest you go to dentist.
Reply:I work in an Emergency room and honestly they would not pull a tooth, the most we can do is administer pain medication via gum injection however you would be reffered to a dentist.
Reply:no i dont think the will pull out you tooth but the will make you see you dental about that tooth and get it xray as well
Reply:if they had to

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