Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dental filling has fallen out of front tooth. Looks ugly. Would it be considered emergency by dentist?

Yes, but exagerate slightly and tell them it hurts a lot just to be sure to get in quicker

Dental filling has fallen out of front tooth. Looks ugly. Would it be considered emergency by dentist?
Reply:I think it might be, they're not supposed to fall out like that as far as I know!
Reply:Only if he's not busy.
Reply:it would only be an emergancy if it feels ugly.. if it looks ugly you still have to go to the dentist.
Reply:Yes, it would b considered an emergency since u are displeased wit ure appearance.

A temporary filling can be made and a future appointment made to do the whole job nicely and neatly.
Reply:it may be considered an emergency- but i would schedule an appointment with the dentist as most dentists do not take after hours calls. if you can't get in within a week. they sell this stuff over the counter that is temporary that will fill the hole in your tooth- its in the dental aisle in most stores that carry toothpaste etc. i cant' remember the name of it though- but it says on it emergency repair. and its usually near the denture stuff.
Reply:Only if it is causing you pain because air is hitting a nerve when you open your mouth to talk or eat.
Reply:I think it would be. Call and see. You will need to have it replaced anyway, don't wait.
Reply:Yes tell them it hurts! And you refuse to leave the house until it is fixed!
Reply:yes just say it's painful
Reply:Yes but you must say you in bad pain with it or else it maybe classed as cosmetic and not be able to get it refiled on nhs.
Reply:Two answers...

1) if it's an emergency to you, then it's an emergency to the dentist, especially if you are a patient of record and even more so if your dentist placed that filling

2) if it's 3 in the morning and you call a dental office, and it says on their answering machine "if you are experiencing an emergency, hang up and call 911", in that case, it is not an emergency, do not call 911, do not go to the hospital or do not try to page a dentist during the night.
Reply:if your dentist is still open now, go right away to fill it. if not, go first thing in the morning.

if it is a surface filling that fell out, it wouldn't be as urgent than if a deep filling fell out and exposed the inside of the tooth. but that said, do go as soon as possible.
Reply:absolutely not.

an emergency is reserved to swellings, fever, and extreme pain. a little soreness from a filling that falls out is an urgency, not an emergency. my guess is that you haven't been to a dentist in the last six months as you should have. also, i would guess that the tooth is totally rotten because filling don't just fall out. you can avoid things like this by going to the dentist twice a year.
Reply:Yes, also a little drama helps too.

If you call in for an emergency and can wait more than 30 minutes before coming in then it's not an emergency.

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